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Penance is my name and consider me your tour guide for a few hours of ecstasy and delight. I am a brunette NYC escort and have been working for a short time with NY Hotties, loving every minute. I am an exotic wonder from Hawaii. I love the natural beauty Hawaii has to offer, but in order to pursue a career in the arts, the move to New York City was a must. Specifically, I call Brooklyn home and find working as an escort in Brooklyn to be one of the greatest career choices a young girl in New York City can make. I am available for auditions courtesy of my flexible schedule. Better yet, I am falling in love with New York one rendezvous at a time. Even meeting men in the privacy of their home or hotel accommodations introduces me to life outside Hawaii. Meeting new people inspires me, and I draw from the experience of being exposed to an amalgam of personalities when I am on an audition.

The camera loves me, and I am proud of this body I work hard to maintain. I eat right with organic foods comprising most of my diet. I am a dedicated hot yoga aficionado and have been training for the Boston Marathon this year. It is a goal to finish, and I know I will as I am determined and remain focused on all goals. From venturing to NYC without knowing a soul, to beginning a career in adult entertainment when I was uncertain men would enjoy my eroticism as much as past boyfriends have, I am always up for a challenge. I approach each encounter with a man possessing a zest for life with exuberance. Time with me is not a bore, as I always aim to please. You will not wish you had selected another of the NY Hotties young ladies; you will be mapping out our next encounter when I am finished. I am that unforgettable.

My sweet ass and bountiful breasts are more than a mouthful. My soft skin is naturally fragrant, and my dazzling smile charms all I share it with. My long, dark locks are so soft and smooth, and most rendezvous with me begin with my hair nestled in a bun. I find seductively removing the pins holding up my sea of brown locks to be highly erotic as strands bounce down to meet my waiting back and shoulders. When I have shelled my layers in front of you, exposing my femininity in all my glory, a very nice extra is to treat you to this long hair falling down around my freckled shoulders. Does this sound good to you? It sure sounds good to me. I have been unable to go on as many dates as I would like since auditions have been abundant lately, so I am super-amped for my next excursion with a gentle soul who likes to become a little wild when the sun goes down. I am up for anything and hope you are too. Until we meet, my sweet…